www.dutchaudiodesign.com Dutch Audio Design

Dutch Audio Design is a recording studio located in Assen, the Netherlands and is led by Peter Reintjes and Charles Campbell. Dutch Audio Design has a large number of high quality microphones, preamps and compressor limiters brands like Telefunken, Avalon, Neuman, Coles, AKG, Sennheiser, Rode, Shure and others. Peter and Charles both have extensive experience in the music. In addition to recording and producing music, it is also possible to let your music be arranged by Dutch Audio Design. All required facilities are available so if you want to view and hear the studio, please contact Peter and Charles. 

www.johnvanhelvert.nl John van Helvert Photography

Since the start of his photography career in 1992 John has worked for a very diverse range of clients like KLM, Yamaha Motor, Hagemeyer, Peek Traffic, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, R.D.W., Rabobank, Garantibank, Armstrong, General Motors, Boston Whaler, Techsonic Industries, Shimano, G3-Boats, Shakespeare Industries, Normark, Rapala, and Lowrance Electronics. John also works for several magazines such as National Geographic, Miljonair, Residence, Elegance, Hide&Chic, KLM-Flying Dutchman, KLM-Agent, ANWB-Reizen, Portfolio, Cosmopolitan, Avenue, Man of all Seasons en The Photographer. For most of these magazines, John has traveled to many different countries in the world to make photographic essays and travel-productions. Often John is asked to test a specific digital camera and give a review in professional Dutch camera magazine The Photographer. John has won prizes in national and international competitions, amongst which the prize of the City of Antwerp. He also participated in an international Hasselblad exhibition in Cologne (Germany) and New York. Over the years several photographs of John have been nominated in the PANL books (Photographic Association of the Netherlands). In 1999, work of John was selected by the AOP (the Association of Photographers England) as part of an AOP exibition in London.

www.oaseweb.nl Oase Church

At Oase Plaza it is always fun. Before we meet, after and also during the specials such as our youth events or Oase Culinair. We make every effort to feel visitors right at home. The people at Oase are ordinary people and have one thing in common: we believe that God can change our lives positively. When we come together, for example on Sunday, we listen to a relevant message and get to know each other more. Together we build our dream church, a church of this time where people are not only busy with themselves, but look after each other, have passion for God and can develop themselves. And you know .... In the brand new building of 30 years old, YOU are welcome as well.

www.zrgbv.nl Zeeman Reclame Groep BV

As you can expect of the Zeeman Reclame Groep, the most versatile advertising agency in the North of Holland never sit still. With new products and innovations on a regular base, they hope to get you excited as well, to put your company in the spotlight too. They provide all your print- and artwork, create your website, design your housestyle and put your company logo on vehicles and signs. They are based in Den Helder and Schagen and are open during weekdays from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m.. The office in Wieringerwerf is open by appointment only. Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate, but let them know. They are more then happy to help you.

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